Urban Rail Dispatch Simulation Training System

Based on the actual operation scenarios and training needs of urban railway operation sites, the urban railway dispatching simulation training system has built digital contractual simulation models of traffic dispatching, environmental control dispatching, power dispatching, information dispatching, maintenance dispatching, CCTV, etc. It is a dispatching command training system integrating simulation models of signal, communication, power supply and environmental control with actual operation lines. In order to solve the painful problems of independent training of single work type of each profession in dispatching and collaborative training with multiple work types in current urban rail operation, the system adopts distributed cooperative simulation and virtual reality simulation technology to realize the simulation of train group, train network coupling, electric ring joint control, line ring joint control and interlocking logic control of train dispatching, electric dispatching and ring control dispatching, which can realize the functions of metro operation scheme simulation exercise, standard operation and fault abnormal operation scenario training, emergency plan exercise and comparison, accident cause analysis, etc., and can evaluate the whole teaching and training process and assess the training effect.

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