Simulation training system for locomotive mechanics

The train set mechanic simulation training system is mainly used for train set with train mechanic and ground mechanic training. The system consists of the whole vehicle training platform, sub-system training platform (including car-end coupling system, driver's room system, high-voltage system, traction system, bogie and brake system, door system, electrical control system, wind source system), VR virtual imitation real training system, and instructor system. The system designs training courses according to the operation process of the mechanic and ground mechanic, including the basic operation of the mechanic, emergency fault disposal, abnormal traffic disposal and other business courses, which highly restore the real operation scenes of the mechanic. The system carries out principle training through the instructor system, virtual simulation training through the VR virtual simulation training system, and hands-on training through the whole vehicle practical training platform and sub-system practical training platform, using the progressive scientific training method of "principle training → simulation training → hands-on training". Through the instructor system, the system mines and analyzes training data, builds a training resource base of trainees, instructors, and courses, establishes competency mapping, and provides a scientific basis for decision making on training content and steps. Through "close to the field training environment + scientific training methods + training data analysis and application", we can significantly develop and improve the professional skills of trainees.

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