Movement Control Simulation Training System

The scheduling simulation training system takes the actual lines of the national road network as the blueprint, the actual functions and business topology of the global scheduling of the whole network as the center, the actual training needs and real operation scenarios on site as the core, applies advanced computer simulation technology, graphics technology, network technology, train operation and transportation control theory, etc., combines the latest development of current artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology, and integrates them in the entire rail transportation scheduling command system to establish an all-round, multi-level, multi-department and multi-worker collaborative training system within the scope of transportation scheduling. The system is based on actual operation scenarios and operation training needs of railway sites to build a virtual operation environment based on data and scenario models integrating TDCS/CTC dispatching, disaster prevention system, FAS system, power supply dispatching, maintenance dispatching, information dispatching, etc., and combining with actual operation lines to form a virtual operation environment integrating traffic organization, power supply and signal.

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