Fully automated vehicle segment safety protection system

The fully automated driving vehicle section safety protection system is suitable for the safety protection of production operations in the vehicle section of fully automated operating lines. The system consists of DCC display and dispatch subsystem, area protection subsystem, outage and transmission protection subsystem, ascent operation protection subsystem, video linkage subsystem, and voice broadcast subsystem. The station map of the entire section yard is displayed in the form of an electronic station line board, capable of displaying information such as the location of trains in the production area, the presence or absence of electricity in the columns, whether the columns are hooked up to grounding, the location and number of personnel in the defense area and the intrusion alarm in the defense area; it also shows the video intelligent monitoring screen used to detect the entry and exit of personnel at the inbound end. All of this information comes from the real-time status of the underlying equipment, providing real and reliable information for DCC schedulers to manage production operations. Fully automatic driving vehicle section safety protection system from the fully automatic driving vehicle section zoning management, depot protection, stopping and feeding protection, ascent operation protection and other perspectives to fully automatic operation line vehicle section personnel mistakenly into the train travel danger zone, personnel mistakenly into the charged area, personnel mistakenly operating high-voltage equipment and other dangerous behavior for safety interlocking protection, to ensure the personal safety of operators, reduce the loss of equipment and property. At the same time, the system reduces the workload of operators and improves operational efficiency through advanced technologies such as automatic control, information management and visualization management.

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